Mirage Series_2 Parts Stocked.

Description.No Required.Part No.Type.
Air Filter (cnc M/C from alloy. refillable)162101042.
Air Filter (Original Plastic) Few Only162101042-P.
Air Filter Box162110044.
Air Filter Box Bracket221120080.
Air Filter Box Rear Cover (cnc'ed from Alloy)162109037.
Air Intake Rubber (long)136210112.
Air Intake Rubber (short)236210111.
Alternator Charging Coil (Large)273303033.
Alternator Cover Bolt230362103-1Stainless
Alternator Cover Gasket Inner155120106.
Alternator Fixing Nut130590116.
Alternator Puller161808034.
Alternator Rotor Flange137412600.
Alternator Wire Protector150401074.
Alternator Woodruff Key133410610.
Battery 32 amp172402017.
Battery Earth Strap171103013.
Battery Fixing Strap150403004.
Battery Mat (Rubber)150401069.
Battery Strap Bar250403005Stainless
Battery to Starter Relay Cable171102081.
Brake Activating Arm (Rear)140127091.
Brake Caliper (Left Hand)247202111.
Brake Caliper (Right Hand)147202110.
Brake Caliper Banjo Bolt830490121Stainless
Brake Caliper Banjo Bolt Copper Washer1233113134.
Brake Caliper Banjo Bolt Copper Washer433113134R.
Brake Caliper Bleed Nipple 10mm347214113.
Brake Caliper Bleed Nipple 6mm247214021R.
Brake Caliper Bleed Nipple 6mm447214021.
Brake Caliper Bleed Nipple Caps (front)247203004.
Brake Caliper Bleed Nipple Caps (rear)147203004R.
Brake Caliper Bolt (front)447202111BStainless
Brake Caliper Bolt (rear)247202111RStainless
Brake Caliper Cover (Single Bleed)347204005.
Brake Caliper Cover (Twin Bleed)347204089.
Brake Caliper Mounting Bracket161933210.
Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt (rear)230364123Stainless
Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt \& Wash430214143Stainless
Brake Caliper Pad Spring (Front)247205006-sStainless
Brake Caliper Pad Spring (Front)247205006.
Brake Caliper Pad Spring (Rear)147205006R-sStainless
Brake Caliper Pad Spring (Rear)147205006R.
Brake Caliper Pin (front)447206007.
Brake Caliper Pin (front)447206007-sStainless
Brake Caliper Pin (Rear)247206007R.
Brake Caliper Pin (Rear)247206007R-sStainless
Brake Caliper Pin Centre (front)247206008.
Brake Caliper Pin Centre (front)247206008-sStainless
Brake Caliper Pin Centre (rear)147206008R.
Brake Caliper Pin Centre (rear)147206008R-sStainless
Brake Caliper Piston (front)447218034.
Brake Caliper Piston (rear)247218034R.
Brake Caliper Rear \& o/s Front247202033.
Brake Caliper Seal Kit (front)255120080.
Brake Caliper Seal Kit (rear)155120080R.
Brake Disk347201001.
Brake Disk Carrier347201173-c.
Brake Disk Carrier Fixing Bolt1830213123Stainless
Brake Disk Locking Plate637181000Stainless
Brake Disk Spacers234510122.
Brake Disk to Carrier Bolt \& Washer2730213124Stainless
Brake Hydraulic Bridge147209037.
Brake Hydraulic Bridge to Frame Bolt230232123Stainless
Brake Lever (Front Alloy)143309166.
Brake Lever (Front Black)143309053.
Brake Lever Dog Leg143309192.
Brake Lever Pivot Screw130490120Stainless
Brake Lever Rear143309070.
Brake Lever Rear (For Crossover Shaft)143309085.
Brake Light Switch Cover258200105.
Brake Light Switch Front147210015.
Brake Light Switch Rear171301016.
Brake Line + Fittings Front to Caliper247208012-LStainless
Brake Line + Fittings Front to Metal Pipe247208012Stainless
Brake Line + Fittings Upper Front147208013Stainless
Brake Line Black + Fittings Front to Caliper247208012-LBStainless
Brake Line Black + Fittings Front to Metal Pi247208012-BStainless
Brake Line Black + Fittings Upper Front147208013-BStainless
Brake Master Cylinder Cap \& Bellows (Rear)147213044.
Brake Master Cylinder Arm (Rear)143312132.
Brake Master Cylinder Boot258100312.
Brake Master Cylinder Cap (Rear)147214043.
Brake Master Cylinder Fixing Bolt etc230490175Stainless
Brake Master Cylinder Pivot Circlip (Rear)250330011.
Brake Master Cylinder Pivot Pin (Rear)134220332.
Brake Master Cylinder Rear147211042.
Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit 15mm155120077.
Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit 15mm155120077R.
Brake Pads (front)247207009.
Brake Pads (rear)147207009R.
Brake Pedel /Idler Arm/Coil Bolt130212123Stainless
Brake Pedel Return Spring Rear150190202.
Brake Pedel Stop \& Nuts130232123-1Stainless
Brake Pipe Bracket to Lower Fork Leg221132063.
Brake Pipe Front (Metal L/H)147208011.
Brake Pipe Front (Metal R/H)147208010.
Brake Pipe Rubber Sleeve236200306.
Brake Rod 3C (rear Hydraulic)131220352Stainless
Brake Rod Lock Nut430511123Stainless
Brake Rod To Master Cylinder Bolt etc (R130232083Stainless
Brake Rose Joint Washer433111150Stainless
Brake Top Hose (front)147208125.
Brake/Clutch Fluid14dotbf.
Brake/Clutch Lever Clamp Bolt430362083Stainless
Brake/Clutch Lever Grub Screw330458013Stainless
Brake/Clutch Lever Pivot Bush230458014Stainless
Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder Reservoir247220122.
Brake/Clutch Reservoir Cap (Front)247214019.
Brake/Clutch Reservoir Cap \& Bellows (Front)247213018.
Caliper Arm Clamp Bolt \& Nut (Rear)130233083Stainless
Cam Bucket Std652506034.
Cam Chain141310951.
Cam Chain Front Damper131310312.
Cam Chain Link (State make of chain)141391110.
Cam Chain Protector158110115.
Cam Chain Protector Gasket155120051.
Cam Chain Protector Nut \& Washer230510123cStainless
Cam Chain Rear Tensioner131310213.
Cam Chain Rear Tensioner Wheel131310214.
Cam Chain Tensioner Blade Bush134510053.
Cam Chain Tensioner Bolt Nut \& Wash130212163Stainless
Cam Chain Tensioner Bolt \& Washer230232083-2Stainless
Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket155120052.
Cam Chain Tensioner Piston (used)143506041.
Cam Cover Copper Washer 6mm633111104.
Cam Cover Gasket155120055.
Cam Cover Screw630362063Stainless
Cam Pillar Stud631123733.
Cam Pillar Stud Nut630510163Stainless
Cam Piller Stud Washer633112160.
Cam Sprocket Bolt430238403.
Cam Sprocket Washer433131007.
Cam Wheel Sprocket 180 Exhuast141211037-EX.
Cam Wheel Sprocket 180 inlet141211037-IN.
Camshaft Exhaust 4/C 180140101083.
Camshaft Exhaust A-11140101070.
Camshaft Inlet 4/C 180140101082.
Camshaft Inlet A-11140101071.
Camshaft Support Centre Exhaust121103618.
Camshaft Support Centre Inlet121103621.
Camshaft Support Half Ring (Series 1)233270044.
Camshaft Support Half Ring (Series 2)233270114.
Camshaft Support in/ns ex/os221103617.
Camshaft Support in/os ex/ns221103616.
Camshaft Support inlet/n/side ex/os/side221103075.
Carburattor Slide 60/2362500067.
Carburettor Accelerator Jet362500072.
Carburettor Accelerator Jet Holder362500032.
Carburettor Accelerator Pump Lever362500036.
Carburettor Adjuster Screw162500090.
Carburettor Adjuster Spring162500091.
Carburettor Balance Adaptor Fibre Washer355110516.
Carburettor Balance Pipe (long)236200209.
Carburettor Balance Pipe (short)136200211.
Carburettor Balance Pipe Adaptor362500143.
Carburettor Balance Pipe Tee Piece162500190.
Carburettor Balance Screw262500094.
Carburettor Body Clamp Bolt330490199Stainless
Carburettor Body Clamp Nut330590298.
Carburettor Cable Arm162500084.
Carburettor Centre Balance Lever162500087.
Carburettor Centre Lever Spacer133113100.
Carburettor Choke 'O' Ring (Bottom) Jet355130002.
Carburettor Choke 'O' Ring (Top)355130007.
Carburettor Choke Adjuster330490198.
Carburettor Choke Adjuster Lock Nut330510103.
Carburettor Choke Cable (Top)136110302.
Carburettor Choke Cable Junction Box161905048.
Carburettor Choke Cable Lower (centre)136110313.
Carburettor Choke Cable Lower (outer)236110312.
Carburettor Choke Cable Top136110316.
Carburettor Choke Fixing Screw 4.5mm330331053.
Carburettor Choke Jet (70)362500017.
Carburettor Choke Piston362500020.
Carburettor Choke Piston Spring350120995.
Carburettor Choke Top362500035.
Carburettor Choke/Throttle Cable Covers458100115.
Carburettor Clip Rubber manifold637120300.
Carburettor Complete (minus top \& lever)362500311.
Carburettor Float Bowl Fibre Washer355110519.
Carburettor Float Bowl Nut 14mm (deep)358020111.
Carburettor Float Bowl Nut 17mm358020111-L.
Carburettor Float Bowl Seal355120999.
Carburettor Fuel Filter362500022.
Carburettor Fuel Line Valve362500021.
Carburettor Fuel Line Banjo (Double)262500023.
Carburettor Fuel Line Banjo Bolt330422173Stainless
Carburettor Fuel Line Banjo Fibre Washer355110506.
Carburettor Inlet Stub (m/c from Solid Bille329001036.
Carburettor Inlet Manifold Hose Clip637123500Stainless
Carburettor Inlet Manifold Rubber Sleeve329002058.
Carburettor Inlet Stub 'O' Ring655130037.
Carburettor Inlet Stub (Takes Rubber Sleeve)329001050.
Carburettor Inlet Stub All Rubber Ty329001062.
Carburettor Inlet Stub Bolt630238433.
Carburettor Inlet Stub Insulating Spacer355120064.
Carburettor Inlet Stub Nut630532143Stainless
Carburettor Inlet Stub Spring Washer 7mm633120007-C.
Carburettor Inlet Stub Stud631138483Stainless
Carburettor Inlet Stud Flat Washer 7mm633120007F.
Carburettor Main Jet 110-240362500012.
Carburettor Main Jet Holder (Long/short ?)362500076.
Carburettor Mixture Screw330490399.
Carburettor Mixture Screw 'O' Ring355130001.
Carburettor Mixture Screw Spring350120993.
Carburettor Mixture Screw Washer (steel)333110140.
Carburettor Mounting Sleeve355290015.
Carburettor Neddle Clip362500065.
Carburettor Needle Jet AB265362500071.
Carburettor Needle K1362500066.
Carburettor Non Return Valve 'O' Ring355130004.
Carburettor Overflow Pipe362500315.
Carburettor Pilot Jet (state size)362500011.
Carburettor Pump Diaphragm362500073.
Carburettor Pump Gasket355120069.
Carburettor Pump Lever Return Spring362500037.
Carburettor Pump Lock Nut362500034.
Carburettor Pump Non Return Jet362500039.
Carburettor Pump Non Return Valve.362500075null
Carburettor Pump Spring350120048.
Carburettor Seal Kit3CSKIT.
Carburettor Slide Arm Pivot Pin362500038.
Carburettor Slide Rod362500089R.
Carburettor Slide Spring362500100.
Carburettor Slide Wire362500089.
Carburettor Spindle Nylon Washer633113128.
Carburettor Spindle Seal4872630.
Carburettor Spindle Seal Cover4872706.
Carburettor Stop Nut130511103.
Carburettor Stop Screw162500092.
Carburettor Suport Plate Screw662500093Stainless
Carburettor Support Bar (rear)162500078.
Carburettor Support Bar (rear) Bolt6304282043Stainless
Carburettor Support Plate162500077Stainless
Carburettor Throttle Arm (Centre)162500083.
Carburettor Throttle Shaft (Centre)162500088.
Carburettor Throttle Shaft (Left)162500086.
Carburettor Throttle Shaft (Right)162500085.
Carburettor Top 'O' Ring355130037T.
Carburettor Top Casting (Left)162500082.
Carburettor Top Casting (Right)162500080.
Carburettor Top Castinh (Centre)162500081.
Carburettor Top Cover362500079.
Carburettor Top Screw \& Washer630311063.
Carurettor Mixture Adjusting Screw330490299.
Centre Stand Adjuster Bolt230234103Stainless
Centre Stand Adjuster Nut230511203Stainless
Centre Stand Bolt \& Washers230215123Stainless
Centre Stand Bush234510051Stainless
Centre Stand Nut230511243.
Centre Stand Spring250190315.
Chain 630 (Rear)141311444.
Chain Regina Gold 630 (Rear)1RG630-88.
Chain Soft Link 630 (Rear)1630Soft.
Chain Spring Link 630 (Rear)1630Spring.
Chain Tensioner Cover125305050.
Chain Tensioner Pad (Rear Chain)131310315.
Chainguard Front Fixing Bolt Nut \& Was130212183Stainless
Chainguard Rear161701051.
Chainguard Rear Fixing Bolt Nut \& Wash230212193Stainless
Chainguard Spacer (Rear)134510007Stainless
Choke Lever (brass)160406999.
Choke Lever Bolt etc190124712Stainless
Clutch Bearing (Centre)222805443.
Clutch Adjuster Bung158000102.
Clutch Arm Split Pin134400415.
Clutch Cable (Jota Bars)136110516.
Clutch Cable Holder131220103.
Clutch Cable Holder Pin \& Split pin134210104.
Clutch Drum Bar133430642.
Clutch Drum Circlip150310156.
Clutch Lever (Black Hydraulic)143301165.
Clutch Lever Arm (Gearbox End)143301003.
Clutch Line Black \& Fittings147208123-BStainless
Clutch Line \& Fittings147208123Stainless
Clutch Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit 15mm155120077C.
Clutch Master Cylinder Reservior247211094-res.
Clutch Outrigger Bearing122804443.
Clutch Piston147217098Stainless
Clutch Piston 'O' Ring (3.5mm)155130116.
Clutch Piston 'O' Ring (3mm)155130117.
Clutch Piston Spring150120088.
Clutch Pivot Screw (Hydraulic)230362103Stainless
Clutch Plate Friction646504070.
Clutch Plate Friction Spring Type246504078.
Clutch Plate Metal646505065.
Clutch Plate Spring250120090.
Clutch Push Rod234280235.
Clutch Push Rod Centre Ball122801301.
Clutch Push Rod End Ball122801361.
Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal155211219.
Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal Circlip150320240.
Clutch Rubbers (Cush Drive)850405017.
Clutch Shaft Circlip150310144.
Clutch Shaft Shim (0.6mm thick)133116201.
Clutch Springs Set (8)150120006.
Clutch Sprocket 'O' Ring255130071.
Clutch Sprocket Plate Bolt and Washer830232083CStainless
Coil Support421148298.
Coil Support R/H221131362.
Crankcase 'O' Ring155130015.
Crankcase Blind Nut Large1230523162Stainless
Crankcase Breather Ball152504005.
Crankcase Breather Body158110119.
Crankcase Breather Bolt \& Washer230232083-6Stainless
Crankcase Breather Gasket155120053.
Crankcase Breather Pipe136200115.
Crankcase Breather Pipe Clamp137120900.
Crankcase Breather Plug Union137310300.
Crankcase Clamping Nut Small \& Washer1030510123Stainless
Crankcase Dowels121601005.
Crankcase Drain Plug130490115.
Crankcase Drain Plug (Magnetic)130490115M.
Crankcase Drain Plug Copper Washer133114124.
Crankcase Helicoil 9mm (fitted)1294000002.
Crankcase Stud 145mm231123663.
Crankcase Stud 152mm831133643.
Crankcase Stud 65mm131132213.
Crankcase Stud 70mm731132222.
Crankcase Studs 115mm231133313.
Crankcase Studs 78mm231132632.
Crankcase Washer (Copper)1233112040Copper
Crankcase/Sidestand Mounting Nut230531203Stainless
Crankshaft Bearing (Alt Side)122101351.
Crankshaft Bearing (Alt Side) 1/2 R122810351.
Crankshaft Bearing Drive Side 1/2 Ring133270005.
Crankshaft Center Big End Pin134220213.
Crankshaft Centre Bearing222206351.
Crankshaft Drive End Bearing122207351.
Crankshaft Oil Throwers394000080.
Crankshaft Outrigger Needle122803403.
Crankshaft Web240302044.
Crossover Shaft Rearbrake Lever Spring150120043.
Cush Drive Spindle Sleeve121601109.
Cylider Barrell Stud Nut230510163-6.
Cylinder Barrell Stud 7mm231128623.
Cylinder Base Gasket (1200)155120076.
Cylinder Head Blind Nut 7mm230591020Stainless
Cylinder Head Flat Washer 7mm233111750Stainless
Cylinder Head Gasket155120050.
Cylinder Head Gasket 'O' Ring455130105.
Cylinder Head Nut 9mm1230590321.
Cylinder Head Stud (long)631128963.
Cylinder Head Stud (short)631128943.
Cylinder Head Stud 8mm x 16231123743.
Cylinder Head Stud Washer 9mm1233112770.
Cylinder Head/Barrell Stud231133763.
Cylinder Head/Barrell Stud Nut 12m a/f230590230.
Dip Stick161904045.
Dip Stick 'O' Ring155130015D.
Electrical Plug 2 Way1P2.
Electrical Plug 4 Way1P4.
Electrical Plug 6 Way1P6.
Electrical Plug and Socket 2 Pin (Waterproof)12pin.
Electrical Plug and Socket 3 Pin (Waterproof)13pin.
Electrical Plug and Socket 4 Pin (Waterproof)14pin.
Electrical Plug and Socket 5 Pin (Waterproof)15pin.
Electrical Plug and Socket 6 Pin (Waterproof)16pin.
Electrical Plug Extra Pin11pin.
Electrical Plug Extra Socket Pin (female)11socket.
Electrical Plug or Socket Replacment Seals11seal.
Electronic Ignition Seies 2 (Witt)1180witt-series2.
Electronics Support Bracket121149363.
Electronics Support Bracket (used)121149363-u.
Engine Gasket Set 1200 Series 21GS1200/2.
Engine Mounting Bolt etc (Front Crankcase)230224203Stainless
Engine Mounting Stud Lower231137703.
Engine Plate (Front)221124082Stainless
Engine Plate Bolt etc (Front Lower)230213193Stainless
Engine Plate Bolt etc (Front Upper)230490169Stainless
Engine Primary Sprocket Double Row141213040.
Engine Primary Sprocket Triplex141213036.
Engine Sprocket Retaining Nut130590115.
Engine Sprocket Shim 0.5mm133117120.
Engine Sprocket Shim 1mm133117130.
Engine Sprocket Tab Washer133150001.
Engine To Frame Bolt etc (Rear)430490166Stainless
Exhaust Pipe / Silencer Clamp537121000Stainless
Exhaust Pipe / Silencer Clamp Conti Type537121000-cStainless
Exhaust Collector Box 180163513079Stainless
Exhaust Gasket355110138.
Exhaust Pipe363101042Stainless
Exhaust Pipe Finned Flange (cnc m/c)330620110.
Exhaust Stud 7mm631138502Stainless
Exhaust Stud Flat Washer 7mm633120007FE.
Exhaust Stud Nut630510147Brass
Exhaust Stud Spring Washer 7mm633120007.
Fairing Cup Washers (Black) 6mm933270020-B.
Fairing Fixing Bolt etc630490502-1Stainless
Fairing Mounting Rubber8FMR.
Fairing Screen TS Mirage161937409.
Foot Rest Fixing Bolt \& Washer (Front)230215173-1Stainless
Foot Rest Rubber (Front)250404016.
Footrest (Rear)261925245.
Footrest Fixing Nut (rear) \& Washer230510203Stainless
Footrest Front L/H161902054.
Footrest Large (Rear)250404015.
Footrest R/H161902047.
Footrest Rubber (front) Chamfered250404056.
Fork Dust Cover (Marzzochi 38mm)236210219.
Fork Dust Cover Clip237129300Stainless
Fork Leg Bonded Washer255110708.
Fork Leg Bottom Clamp Bolt etc230213203Stainless
Fork Leg Bottom Slider R/Hand (used)150207075.
Fork Leg Bottom Yoke (used)160204048.
Fork Leg Circlip250310298.
Fork Leg Drain Plug \& Washer230362033Stainless
Fork Leg Oil Seal 38mm455217650.
Fork Leg Top Yoke (used)160208049.
Fork Oil 1000cc 10sae110OIL.
Fork Slider Allen Bolt230363083Stainless
Fork Spring (Mazzochi)250120064.
Fork Staunchion250209073.
Fork Top Nut (Mazzochi 38mm)258010113.
Fork Top Nut Sealing 'O'' Ring255130026.
Fork Yoke Lower Clamp Bolt230364163Stainless
Fork Yoke Pinch Bolt130363123Stainless
Fork Yoke Stop Plate (Ceriani)160205055.
Fork Yoke Stop Plate (Marzzochi)160205030.
Fork Yoke Upper Clamp Bolt230364143Stainless
Frame Name Plate 1000/3CL163110099.
Free Pen Ink refills (Blue)1penrefill.
Front Brake Cable836110102.
Front Brake Cable836110104.
Fuse 25a273102020.
Fuse 8a273102998.
Fuse Box Complete (4 way)173101025.
Fuse Box Complete (twin fuse)173101015.
Gasket Set Complete Series 2 12002GS1200-S2.
Gear Change Rod Forward fixing Bolt130232083-4Stainless
Gear Lever143305069.
Gear Shifter Assembly140117080.
Gearbox Indent Spring150190101.
Gearbox 1st Gear Cog141111051.
Gearbox Gasket Inner Cover155120001.
Gearbox Gasket Outer Cover155120007.
Gearbox L/Shaft140116110.
Gearbox Lay Shaft 3rd Gear141111012.
Gearbox Layshaft 3rd Gear Bush121510203.
Gearbox Layshaft Bearing N/S (Steel Cage)122207201.
Gearbox Layshaft Bearing O/S STEEL CAGE122207171.
Gearbox Layshaft Oil Seal155213440.
Gearbox Mainshaft 2nd Gear Bush121510201.
Gearbox Mainshaft 4th Gear Bush121510202.
Gearbox Mainshaft Bearing 1/2 Ring122810281.
Gearbox Mainshaft Bearing N/S122101281.
Gearbox Mainshaft Bearing O/S122101321.
Gearbox Mainshaft Oil Seal155219060.
Gearbox Mainshaft Top Gear 1/2 Ring122810321.
Gearbox Neutral Switch171301001.
Gearbox Neutral Switch Washer 0.5mm133114115.
Gearbox Neutral Switch Washer 1mm133114125.
Gearbox Outer Cover158110101.
Gearbox Output Gear141111009.
Gearbox Selector Cam143601035.
Gearbox Selector Cam Shaft140119078.
Gearbox Selector Eccentric Adjuster134250102.
Gearbox Selector Hook143307002.
Gearbox Selector Hook Spring150190218.
Gearbox Selector Shaft140118001.
Gearbox Selector Shaft Pin434220304.
Gearbox Selector Shaft Shim133113561.
Gearbox Shim 2nd/3rd M/Shaft 0.5mm133140002.
Gearbox Shim 2nd/3rd M/S 1mm133140001.
Gearbox Shim 2nd/3rd M/S 0.5mm133140003.
Gearbox Shim 3rd/4th M/S \& L/Shaft 0.5mm433115751.
Gearbox Shim 3rd/4th M/S \& Layshaft 1mm433115761.
Gearbox Shim 4th/5th MS137140002.
Gearbox Sprocket Cover Bolt (Rear) Socke330212173-1sStainless
Gearchange Cross Over Sleeve234510152.
Gearchange Selector Return Spring150190201.
Gearchange Shaft 'O' Ring155130013.
Gearchange Shaft Washer233114120.
Grab Rail Long160128654.
Handle Bar Centre Clamp Nut \& Washers430510163-3Stainless
Handle Bar Clamp121114436.
Handle Bar Clamp Stud431123203.
Handle Bar Control Switches Clamp Bolt430490710Stainless
Handle Bar End Protectors (Black)2hbe.
Handle Bar Fixing Nut \& Washer430510163-1Stainless
Handle Bar Grip Pair (Foam)160404047.
Handle Bar Grip Rubber with Moto Laverda logo160404047-RR.
Handle Bar Grip Small Laverda Logo160404047-R.
Handle Bar Light Switch (L/Hand)121128483.
Handle Bar Mirror (L/H)1hbml.
Handle Bar Mirror (R/H)1hbmr.
Handle Bar Pivot Bolts (Jota Bars)41hbbStainless
Handle Bar Twist Grip and Switch Assembly121128105.
Handle Bars (Jota Bars)160401045.
Headlamp Bracket L/Hand121121076Stainless
Headlamp Bracket Mounting Bolt630232043-1Stainless
Headlamp Bracket Mounting Rubber250401005.
Headlamp Bracket Mounting Tube250203062Stainless
Headlamp Bracket R/Hand121121077Stainless
Headlamp Bulb 55/100176104016.
Headlamp Complete (Not Shell)176101049.
Headlamp Connector Strip271201001.
Headlamp Glass 7.5 inch176114061.
Headlamp Glass Retainer450190698.
Headlamp Glass Rubber Seal155120067.
Headlamp Grommet158200187.
Headlamp Mounting Tube Ring (alloy)230620311.
Headlamp Mounting Tube Ring (Rubber)255290999.
Headlamp Pilot Bulb Holder176106017.
Headlamp Pivot Bolt230233123-1Stainless
Headlamp Reflector Bosch176112042.
Headlamp Rim176113054.
Headlamp Rubber155120122.
Headlamp Shell176101128.
Headlamp Spacer234510056Stainless
Headlight Bulb Connection176115958.
Heat Shrink Wire Connector1hsc.
Horn Fixing Bolt Nut \& Washers230233093Stainless
Horn Fixing Nut \& Washers230510163-2Stainless
Horn Voxbell L/Side (4 pin)176502016.
Horn Voxbell R/Side 2 pin176502015.
Ignition Rotor 180 series2121602239.
Ignition Ballast Resistor BTZ277100010.
Ignition Ballast Resistor Screw430312033Stainless
Ignition Coil Double (Used)173303064.
Ignition Coil Lead (Copper)371102084.
Ignition Coil Plate Bolt etc430212123-1Stainless
Ignition Coil Plate Spacer221601176.
Ignition Coil Single (Used)173301071.
Ignition Cover Deep for broken cases158110152-B.
Ignition Key (State Number)171309024.
Ignition Kit (Witt)1ECDI2.
Ignition P-K Cover cnc m/c from billet158110152.
Ignition P-K Cover Screw330368243-2Stainless
Ignition P-K Pickup (used)271101202.
Ignition P.K. Support Plate121150482.
Ignition Pick Up (used)271101307.
Ignition Rotor121602289.
Ignition Rotor 180 (grub screw Type)121602125.
Ignition Switch Complete171308025.
Ignition Switch Fixing Ring171308025-R.
Ignition Trigger Plate Mount Rubber321127172.
Ignition Unit (Trigger Box Used)273502060.
Ignition Woodruff Key133410606.
Indicator Activator Unit 2 pin (square)171316006.
Indicator Activator Unit 3 pin (round)171316103.
Indicator Bulb476104038.
Indicator Chrome c.e.v.476119157.
Indicator Front R/H (TS Mirage)171314090.
Indicator L/H (TS Mirage)171314091.
Indicator Lens (Round Type)476107023.
Indicator Lens Screw CEV830490708Stainless
Indicator Support Arm (Front) With Nuts221119141Stainless
Indicator Support Arm With Nuts (Rear)221119142Stainless
Indicators ULO (Black Rectangular type)276119194.
Instrument Back fixing Screw469000600-s.
Instrument Support Ring (rubber)250402008.
Lock Washer 10mm633120010Stainless
Mudguard Rear Used (Front Section)161401076u.
Mudguard (Front) Pan Head Screw, Nut \& Washe430490510Stainless
Mudguard (Rear) 3c jota161401034Stainless
Mudguard (Rear) Bolt Nut \& Washers230232063Stainless
Mudguard (Rear) Fixing Bolt etc230233093-2Stainless
Mudguard Front (Wide)161401080Stainless
Mudguard Front (Wide) Used161401080-UStainless
Mudguard Rear Section Black161937403.
Mudguard Rubber Grommet (Rear)458200195.
Mudguard Stay Bolts etc (Front)430232053Stainless
Mudguard Stay To Fork Leg Bolt \& Washer430233103Stainless
Mudguard Support L/Hand (Wide Guard)121112375.
Mudguard Support R/Hand (Wide Guard)121112374.
Number Plate Fixing Bolt etc330232043-3Stainless
Number Plate Holder161914994.
Oil 20/5012050oil.
Oil 50sae150Oil.
Oil Cooler161940256.
Oil Cooler Bottom Mounting Bolt etc130213283Stainless
Oil Cooler Bottom Mounting Nuts \& Washe630530123Stainless
Oil Cooler Bracket121148329.
Oil Cooler Hose Black Complete (Pair)136200110-b.
Oil Cooler Hose Complete (Pair) Stainless Fit136200110Stainless
Oil Cooler Mount321127058.
Oil Cooler to Crankcase Union236210211.
Oil Filter Base125302052.
Oil Filter Gauze162102041.
Oil Filter Gauze Base162102041-B.
Oil Filter Gauze Top162102041-T.
Oil Filter Nut \& Washer330510123-1Stainless
Oil Filter O Ring155130044.
Oil Pump Diving Gear Circlip150310124.
Oil Pump Drive Cog Shim133113591.
Oil Pump Drive Gear141111057.
Oil Pump Drive Wheel141111058.
Oilpump Cog Drive Pin134110128.
Parts Manual 12001P1200.
Parts Variants Manual 1801VAR180.
Petrol Pipe Cavis Benz 4ft136200201.
Petrol Pipe Clip (Original type)1037110200.
Petrol Tank Anti Surge Rubber136210250.
Petrol Tank Badge (Original stick on)261916461.
Petrol Tank Badge (unpainted)261916459-u.
Petrol Tank Badge Screw430378033.
Petrol Tank Filler Cap158020299.
Petrol Tank Rubber (front)250402007.
Petrol Tank Strap (rear)150403011.
Petrol Tank Support (Rear)250401070.
Petrol Tap L/Hand152101998.
Petrol Tap R/Hand152101999.
Pillion Grab Rail (short) Front Bolt etc230214183Stainless
Pillion Grab Rail Rear Bolt etc230233053Stainless
Pillion Grab Rail Spacer234510077Stainless
Piston 80.00mm Complete (Standard)343504053.
Piston 80.5mm Complete (1st oversize)343504054.
Piston 81.00mm Complete (2nd oversize)343504055.
Piston 81.5mm Complete ( 3nd Oversize)343504056.
Piston Gudeon Pin Circlip650320243.
Piston Gudgeon Pin334120201.
Piston Ring Set 80.00mm (Std)355281080.
Piston Ring Set 80.5mm355281081.
Piston Rings 81.00mm355281082.
Primary Chain241310938.
Primary Chain Adj Washer333113044.
Primary Chain Adj Screw130490216.
Primary Chain Adj. Dome Nut130523202Stainless
Primary Chain Adjuster lock nut130512203Stainless
Primary Chain Tensioner131310217.
Primary Chain Tensioner Pin134110103.
Primary Chain Tensioner Spring150190701.
Primary Chain Triplex141390938.
Primary Chaincase125301105.
Primary Chaincase Bolt730362143Stainless
Primary Chaincase Bolt230362103-2Stainless
Primary Chaincase Gasket155120107.
Primary Chaincase Gearshaft Oil seal155212822.
Primary Chaincase Ignition Bearing122209201.
Primary Chaincase Ignition Oil seal155215336.
Primary Chaincase Rotor Bolt130363103Stainless
Primary Chaincase Rotor Washer133112225Stainless
Rear Lamp Bulb Stop/Tail176104969.
Rear Lamp Complete176102048.
Rear Lamp Lens Gasket155120066.
Rear Lamp Lens Screw230490327Stainless
Rear Light Fixing Bolt230232083-3Stainless
Rearset Casting L/H Outer121135464.
Rearset Spacer Left Hand Side134510164Stainless
Rectifier Regulator 120173401035.
Rev Counter Drive Circlip150310116.
Rev Counter Drive Worm140103074.
Revcounter (used)169000600u.
Revcounter Cable136120209.
Revcounter Cable Adapter136120210e.
Revcounter Drive Flange137412000.
Revcounter Drive Flange Gasket155120062.
Revcounter Flange Screw230368233.
Scot Oil Refill for below1Scotr.
Scot Chain Oiler Kit1Scot.
Seat (Dual)161201014.
Seat (Single)161202040.
Seat Hinge (no pivot bar)261205061.
Seat Hinge Pin Complete234210109.
Seat Lock161926070.
Seat Lock Mounting Complete161926071.
Seat Lock Plate Rubber Button158000203.
Seat Lock Spring150190122-1.
Seat Tail Screw330490502Stainless
Seat Tail Unit161937402.
Seat Tail Unit Bottom Tray161937401.
Selector Shaft Pin134110106.
Shim Washer for Starter172212018.
Shock Absorber Bottom Bolt etc (Rear)230215183Stainless
Shock Absorber Bottom Nut (thin)130512243Stainless
Shock Absorber Top Bolt etc (Angled Shoc230490168Stainless
Shock Absorber Washer (Special)433113530Stainless
Shock Absorbers 'MDI'150201098.
Shock Absorbers 'Progressive' for Laverda176101397.
Side Panel Badge '1200'261916115.
Side Panel Badge 'MIRAGE'261916361.
Side Panel Retaining Grommet650406071.
Side Panel Round Badge261913993.
Side Panel Screw230490512Stainless
Side Panel Screw Threaded Boss230490512SStainless
Side Stand139492093.
Side Stand Pivot Bolt etc130490152Stainless
Side Stand Spring 180s150190135.
Side Stand Support Plate (I.L.O.C)1SSP.
Sidelight Bulb176104979.
Silencer (Stright Through)263503178Stainless
Silencer Mounting Bracket221126084Stainless
Silencer Mounting Bracket (non stainless221126084p.
Silencer Mounting Nuts and Washers830530123-1Stainless
Silencer Mounting Rubber221127085.
Silkolene 20/50 sae Oil1OIL20/50.
Small End Bush321524050.
Spark Plug373201025.
Spark Plug Cap (Angled)273202011.
Spark Plug Cap (Straight)173202011-s.
Speedo Cable136120116.
Speedo Drive Gear Cover125303011.
Speedo Drive Shaft Sleeve121604009.
Speedo Drive Worm140126024.
Speedo Gear Set149001004.
Speedo/Revcounter Back Fixing Bolt496123001Stainless
Speedometer mph169004600.
Sprocket Gearbox 16T 630 Chain141211023.
Sprocket Gearbox 19T 530 Chain141211005.
Sprocket Rear 34T 630 Chain141211024.
Sprocket Rear 40T 530 Chain141211008.
Sprocket Drive Plate Bolt \& washer430364123-1Stainless
Sprocket Fixing Bolt (Rear)430234103-1Stainless
Sprocket Gearbox L.Plate137410200.
Sprocket Gearbox L.Plate Bolt230232043-2Stainless
Sprocket Tab Washer (Rear)237180600Stainless
Starter Clutch Roller634132010.
Starter Bendix Spring Starter Motor150120049.
Starter Clutch Centre140401042.
Starter Clutch Collar Screw330382153.
Starter Clutch Housing140404043.
Starter Clutch Needle Bearing122805303.
Starter Clutch Plate133270123.
Starter Clutch Plate Screw330382043.
Starter Clutch Plunges643501001.
Starter Clutch Springs650120001.
Starter Clutch Wheel Retainer161933400.
Starter Gear 120141111188.
Starter Gear Thrust Washer133117720.
Starter Motor Bendix Cog141119064.
Starter Motor Brush472209020.
Starter Motor Brush Spring450190505.
Starter Motor Bush Front121601091.
Starter Motor Bush Rear121601090.
Starter Motor Cable Cover171102080-C.
Starter Motor Cable to Relay171102080.
Starter Motor Clutch Retaining Roller234131010.
Starter Motor Complete (used exchanged)172201015-U.
Starter Motor Complete Reconditioned Exchange172201015-ex.
Starter Motor Fixing Bolt Nut/Washer130490119Stainless
Starter Motor Fixing Bolt \& Washer130363123-1Stainless
Starter Motor Gasket155120054.
Starter Motor Oil Seal155213025.
Starter Motor Relay171306993.
Starter Relay Bolt etc230232083-1Stainless
Stearing Column Adjuster Nut Mazzochi130620396-sStainless
Stearing Column Top Yoke Nut (Mazzochi)130591021Stainless
Stearing Column Top Yoke Nut With Bearing130591021-HStainless
Stearing Column Top Yoke Washer (Mazzoch133116470Stainless
Stearing Head Bearing Taper Roller122208251.
Stearing Head Bearing (Lower ) Dust Cover133270004Stainless
Stearing Head Bearing (Top)122104251.
Stearing Head Bearing (Top) Cover158100329Stainless
Stearing Head Shim233117300Stainless
Strarter Motor Idler Cog Shim233113071.
Swinging Arm Bearing222805523.
Swinging Arm Bearing Centre (steel)221601107.
Swinging Arm Bearing Internal Shim233116340.
Swinging Arm Grease Nipple161918201Stainless
Swinging Arm Inner Spacer134510115.
Swinging Arm Nut230531283Stainless
Swinging Arm Nylon Washer233116499.
Swinging Arm Spindle134250203Stainless
Swinging Arm Spindle Washer233114140Stainless
Throttle Cable136110417.
Tool tray161936192.
Valve Colletts (pair)652503036.
Valve Cotter Retainer652502035.
Valve Cotter Retainer (for double springs)652502036.
Valve Exhaust 35mm352501038.
Valve Guide Circlip650320227.
Valve Guide Exhaust (std)321603097.
Valve Guide Inlet (std)321603098.
Valve Guide Inlet 1st Oversize321603099.
Valve Guide Inlet Oil Seal355120063.
Valve Guide Inlet Oil Seal Fitting Tool161820917.
Valve Inlet 38mm352501039.
Valve Seat Exhaust325104035.
Valve Seat Inlet325104037.
Valve Seat Insert (Fitted)694000001.
Valve Shim triple 1.85mm152507041.
Valve Shim triple 1.93mm152507042.
Valve Shim triple 2.00mm152507043.
Valve Shim triple 2.07mm152507044.
Valve Shim triple 2.15mm152507045.
Valve Shim triple 2.23mm152507046.
Valve Shim triple 2.30mm152507047.
Valve Shim triple 2.38mm152507048.
Valve Shim triple 2.45mm152507049.
Valve Shim triple 2.52mm152507050.
Valve Shim triple 2.60mm152507051.
Valve Shim triple 2.70mm152507057.
Valve Shim triple 2.80mm152507056.
Valve Shim triple special made to order152507056-s.
Valve Spring650120045.
Valve Spring Double (need caps and bases)650120046.
Valve Spring Seating Washer633270046.
Valve Spring Seating Washer (double springs)633270047.
Wellseal Jointing Compound1well.
Wheel Adjuster (Rear)231310112.
Wheel Adjuster Bolt 7mm (Rear)230490108Stainless
Wheel Adjuster Nut (Rear)230510143Stainless
Wheel Bearing (Rear Sprocket)222104201.
Wheel Bearing Front222108201.
Wheel Bearing Rear222105171.
Wheel Bearing Shim (Rear) Not Wire Wheel233270012.
Wheel Bearing Shim front (Not Wire Wheel)233270011.
Wheel Bearing Spacer (front)134510121Stainless
Wheel Bearing Spacer (Rear Disk Hub)134510117Stainless
Wheel Cushdrive Housing147504102.
Wheel Cushdrive Plate (rear)147503063.
Wheel Cushdrive Rubbers (Disk Hub)150405023.
Wheel Inner Tube (front) Pirelli161601022F.
Wheel Inner Tube (rear) Pirelli161601022.
Wheel Spacer (Front)134510018Stainless
Wheel Spacer (Rear) Disk L/Hand Side134510116Stainless
Wheel Spacer large (Rear) disk R/H Side134510119Stainless
Wheel Spindle (Front) With Tee Bar)134250104Stainless
Wheel Spindle (Rear)134250202Stainless
Wheel Spindle Nut330514323Stainless
Wheel Spindle Washer (Front)133115050Stainless
Wheel Spindle Washer (Rear)233115061Stainless
Wheel Valve Caps (Silver)2VC.
Workshop Manual 1000 - 1200194000066.

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