Aqua Blasting Costs

The costs below are only an approximate guide.
They are based on degreased parts received with all studs and other items removed.
If sending by carrier, please ensure items are well packed and protected.
Prices below do not include return carriage, or v.a.t..
If the alloy is painted costs can increase by upto 50%.

The costs are listed to the right.

Crankcase costs are from.
£30 for Single cylinders,
£40 for twins,
£50 for triples,
£60 for 4 cylinder models.
Cost is very dependant on condition
when received, and includes cleaning
inside as well as out.

Barrel costs are from.
£15 for Single cylinders,
£25 for twins,
£35 for triples,
£45 for 4 cylinder models.
Barrels can be honed or bored
before returning if required.
Honing is £9 per bore
Rebores are £35 per bore.

Head costs are from.
£30 for Singles,
£35 for twins,
£45 for triples,
£50 for 4 cylinder models.

Carburetors are £20 each per carb
This includes an ultra sonic clean as well as the blasting.
This is to ensure the internal drillings are also cleaned.
They can be sent in loosley assembled but with all their internal parts removed.
They are returned to you in a semi cleaned condition that may or may not require you to do the final clean. See the 'what is it' section to see how easy the cleaning of this process is.
If you require a complete carburettor rebuild this can be undertaken. Please telephone for costs. (Tel: 08707664152)

Internal engine parts can be cleaned also.
Parts like gear selectors, con rod, pistons etc etc.
It is hard to give a general cost for these parts
which may be as low as £1 each.
No material is removed in this process,
and there is no change to the surface finish.
Parts are as clean as when originally manufactured.
See our display of engine parts ready to
assemble. This shows the advantage of
aqua blasting, no cleaner finish could
be achieved.

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