What Is Aqua Bead Blasting

Aqua bead blasting uses glass beads, high presure water, and 55 cu ft of air. This process can be used on both ferrous and non ferrous materials as well as plastics. It does not remove any material or damage the surface in any way.
It is superior to dry blasting in the following ways.

The water contains a degreaser and rust inhibitor, and is suitable for the inside as well as the outside of crankcases and other engine parts leaving them as clean as the day they were made.

After blasting, the item is cleaned whilst still inside the cabinet by high presure clean water. This removes 90% of the beads from the surface and drill holes. After the item has dried an air line removes any remaining beads trapped within recesses. As these beads are too small to see with the naked eye they disperse in a small puff of dust.

When the item is returned to you recommend that you rewash it in clean water or parafin, drying once again with an air line. As the item is completely free from oil and grease, water is the preferred medium for cleaning. The rust inhibitor still on the surface will protect ferris parts. When satisfied that the item is spotless it can be oiled for storage or assembled in the normal way.

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